~ Get Any Two Dairy Type Cultures at One Low Price! ~

Dairy Starter Cultures <br>2 Pack Special
Dairy Starter Cultures
2 Pack Special
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Dairy Starter Cultures <br>2 Pack Special
With this special you can get any two of our room temperature dairy type starter cultures listed below for one special price. Choose from butter culture, Fil or Viili starters, or even a few you may not have heard about before.

These cultures will keep reproducing time and time again and do not require any additional heating source to culture, as traditional heat-set yogurt cultures do.
Note: People with houses that are cold during the winter months may find it necessary to provide an alternative heat source to culture the dairy strain properly. A warmer area in the house or a seedling heating pad works fine for most cases. Buy yogurt cultures now and save…this deal may not last long!

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Last Update 11/2017