~ We Bring You a Line of Accessories To Make Your Food Culturing Experience
Fun and Easy ! ~

Pro-Biotic Food Culturing Supplies & Accessories
Some basic food culturing supplies can make your home culturing experience fun and easy. We provide food grade glassware, natural spoons, Japanese pickle presses, raw sugars, and other items to assist the home food culture enthusiast! We are always adding new products for food culturing as we find and test them, so check back soon.

pH Test Strips,  Kombucha & Cultured Foods, 0-6 pH, 1 roll, 15'
Keep your food cultures safe by knowing the pH. Helps to make great cultured food or tea every time!
Insulated Shipping Box 7" x 7" x 6" With 1/2" Foam, EA
Protect Your Culture Starters with Professional Insulated Packing
Reusable Gel Ice Pack 4 oz. Non Toxic 5" x 4", 1 each
Reusable 4oz Ice Pack, Non-Toxic
Culturing Fermentator Heater Wrap
Perfect Heat All Year Long!
Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - Large
Recommended accessory for all home culturing. Reduce unwanted pathogens and cross-contamination of your starter cultures.
Regular Price: $23.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Thai Traditional Reusable Muslin Tea Strainer for Kombucha Tea
Tea Strainer is Great for Brewing Kombucha or JUN cultures!
Culturing Spoon, Bamboo, 12" w/ Holes
Use for tempeh making, koji-kin rice production, or water kefir/milk kefir grains.
Kombucha/JUN Tea Infuser - 3" Mesh Ball, Stainless Steel
Works Well for Brewing a Gallon of Kombucha/JUN Tea!
 Sushi, Saké Rice Premium Koda Farms Rice, 15 lb bag
15 lb bag of premium Koda Farms brand Kokuho Rose Rice,

Free S&H
Tsukemono Japanese Pickle Press for Fermented Pickles or Sauerkraut
Japanese Pickle Press for Making Fresh Fermented Pickles or Sauerkraut !
Regular Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Certified Organic Sushi Rice, 5lb - 2.7k, For Making Koji or Koji-kin w/ S&H
5 LBS/2.7k of Natural Sushi Rice - Free S&H
Glass Jar, 1 Gal ea, 4 Pack, includes S&H  Best Deal!
1 gal jar brews a standard batch of KT.
Includes S&H, Best Deal!
Jaggery Sugar, USDA Organic, 1 lb/454g, Jaggery Sugar for Culturing
Organic Jaggery sugar is a Pure, Wholesome, Unrefined Sugar
Mexican Piloncillo Cane Sugar. 100% Cane Sugar, 8oz/227g
Piloncillo is used for making the South American water kefir strain, called Tibicos
Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic, 454g/1lb - Coconut Palm Sugar
Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is a rich, unrefined brown sugar with a deep caramel flavor.
Minerals for Water Kefir Grains, Natural Sourced, 2 oz
Minerals for Water Kefir Grains, Natural Sourced, 2 oz
Assist your water kefir grains to grow faster and support them and yourself with this natural supplement.

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