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Japanese Pickles Making Kit NUKA-BED, NukaZuke Cultured Pickles

Japanese Pickles Making Kit NUKA-BED, NukaZuke Cultured Pickles
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Nukazuke are a type of Japanese pickle, made by fermenting vegetables in rice bran (nuka).

This kit is NUKA-BED that is ready to pickle after adding water. It comes in the Japanese Traditional style or a Vegan version.

You can pickle various vegetables you love! Traditional varieties include Japanese eggplant, radish (daikon), cabbage, and cucumber. But any firm vegetables may be used, with root s being a good choice. Fish can also be placed in the nuka-bed, sardine, mackerel, Japanese horse mackerel are frequently used. However, we suggest having a separate bed not used for vegetables production.

HOW TO PICKLE: 1. Wash the vegetables clean 2. Soak (pickle) vegetables in NUKA-DOKO inside the plastic bag or place in wooden or ceramic vessel. 3. Release the air from the plastic bag and seal it off. You can use a container with lid of your choice 4. Put in the refrigerator (depending on the temperature in your area) and after 1-2 nights the pickles are ready.

It's ready to eat! Don't forget to remove(wash) NUKA rice bran from the fermented vegetables.

Qty NET : 567g/20oz

Ingredients : Non-GMO Rice bran, sea salt, crushed red-pepper, Kombu seaweed, Organic dried citrus peel, dried bonito(not in vegan bed), organic yeast extract, contains Lactobacillus starter. - It needs to be stored under refrigeration after opening/using to avoid mold and rot. - Storable term: 12 months (This storable term is only a guide. If you stir well NUKA-BED with your hand once every day or two, and add extra NUKA rice bran and salt as necessary, it can be used semi-permanently or even longer.)

More on Nuka: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nukazuke
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