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Koji starter spores will get you started making all your favorite Japanese fermented foods. To make these Japanese favorites you'll need to buy koji-kin spore starter
and a good sushi rice.

One classic drink is amasaké, a naturally sweet non-alcoholic cultured rice beverage. It is usually served hot. During the culturing process, enzymes break down the complex rice starches into sugars making amasaké a sweet rice drink. It can be used as a beverage or as a natural sweetener in other foods or recipes.
Other uses for koji are to make saké or light miso.

Making your own koji starter is a 2-step culturing process: first step is to make Koji rice with the spore culture of your choice. Koji-kin, which is the finished cultured rice, can be made in large batches and stored or frozen for later use.

Then the second half of the process is making the desired cultured food, such as miso, saké, pickled cultured vegetable condiments, or the fresh amasaké
which is very easy to produce.

One package of koji spores is enough to make 18 quarts of amasaké, 6 pounds of fresh koji for light miso, or 2 gallons of shoyu. With amasaké you can make a rice sweetener for your favorite recipes, a hot or cold amasaké drink,
or Doburoku, which is a simple fermented 'grog'.

All the prepackaged koji spores are direct from the factory in Japan.
Buy koji kin spores starter now and make
Japanese style fermented foods, miso, amasaké.

Koji-kin Spores for Japanese Amazake, Sake, Miso - Koji-kin - 15g
Koji is the base for Japanese cultured foods

Premixed & Ready For Use!
Koji Spores 454g/1lb Commercial Bulk Tane Koji Kin Spore Starter
454g of koji-kin spores for making 200kg Koji Rice -
Light Tane-Koji Spore Starter "EM" 40g for making 200kg kome-koji
40g of koji-kin spores for making 200kg kome-koji. Best Deal !
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g spores for making 15kg Kome-Koji Rice
Koji-Kin Spores for Making Japanese Kome-Koji Rice
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake Koji
Koji Spores Best for
Finish is a Milder Taste
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Mugi Miso
Koji Spores for Barley Mugi Miso, Nattoh Miso and Hishio condiments
Kuro Koji, Black Koji Kin Spores, 70g for 200kg Kome-Koji Rice
Black Koji Spores for Awamori (泡盛) is an alcoholic beverage indigenous to Okinawa, Japan
Regular Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $74.95
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores for 15kg RED Mame Koji
New! Koji Spores for RED Mame Miso - Soybean Miso
Shoyu Soy Sauce Koji Kin Spores 20g for 15kg
Specialized for "Shoyu Soy Sauce" Koji kin spores
Culturing Spoon, Bamboo, 12" w/ Holes
Use for tempeh making, koji-kin rice production, or water kefir/milk kefir grains.
Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - Large
Recommended accessory for all home culturing. Reduce unwanted pathogens and cross-contamination of your starter cultures.
Regular Price: $23.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Fresh Organic Light  Koji  Rice - 1360g/3lb - Japanese Koji-Kin
We Now Offer Fresh Koji Rice
for Your Sake/Miso Brewing
Koji-kin Spore Starter w/ a Cup Dried Koji Rice - 15g Spores
Koji is the base for most Japanese cultured foods such as Light Miso, Sake, & Amasaké.
Certified Organic Sushi Rice, 5lb - 2.7k, For Making Koji or Koji-kin w/ S&H
5 LBS/2.7k of Natural Sushi Rice - Free S&H
 Sushi, Saké Rice Premium Koda Farms Rice, 15 lb bag
15 lb bag of premium Koda Farms brand Kokuho Rose Rice,

Free S&H

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