~ Bulk Commercial Size of Light Tane-Koji Kin Spore Starter 454g/1lb Packet ~ Free Shipping !

Koji Spores 454g/1lb Commercial Bulk Tane Koji Kin Spore Starter
Koji Spores 454g/1lb Commercial Bulk Tane Koji Kin Spore Starter
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Light Tane - Koji Kin 454g/1lb commercial bulk spores for making 200kg kome-koji rice for light miso, amazaké, Japanese pickles, etc.

We now offer large commercial bulk spores packets direct from Japan, fresh and viable Aspergillus oryzae spores. Sterilized, pre-mixed with organic white rice flour, and ready to use! We keep a very limited amount of stock, so it may take a few days to come from Japan. Note: Preorder 2 weeks in advance so that we have fresh stock on hand for your order before needed.

Light Koji Commercial 454g/1lb of starter!
Best deal for koji-kin tane.

Labeling and manufacturer may vary from photos.

Qty NET : 454g
Maker : Marufuku or other brand
Ingredients : Organic white rice flour and Aspergillus Oryzae spores

- Shelf Life: 6 months to 1 year

- Store in freezer for best results and longest shelf-life.


Each 454g packet will inoculate up to 200kg/440 lbs of rice, barley, or soybeans. Use as suggested in recipes or for making miso or other Japanese fermented foods. See our recipe section for ideas.

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