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A Full Selection of Traditional Food Cultures and Spores...

If your looking for kefir starters, kombucha, Jun, or spores for tempeh or koji...we have them in stock and ready to ship. Some of our newest cultures are tapei and the Jun mushroom culture.

JUN Honey Culture Starter w/ Starter Tea - Rare JUN Strain
Jun Honey Culture
A rare strain from Northern China/Tibet
Real Ginger Beer Plant - Organic Grown
New for 2018, the real ginger beer plant (GBP). Limited supplies available.
Ginger Brew Start - Organic Grown - Make Ginger Soda or Ginger Ale
Makes a great tasting carbonated ale drink in about a weeks time!
Regular Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $14.95
Himalayan Kombucha, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain
One of Our Newset Cultures - Himalayan Kombucha Strain - Brewed w/ fruit & sugar only
Regular Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $25.95
Japanese Kombu Cha - Kombucha Strain From Japan
Japanese strain of seaweed kombu cha
Regular Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $26.95
Monk Tea Kombucha Strain, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain
Kombucha Strain from the far reaches of the Tibetan Mountain Plateau
Kombucha Mushroom Starter Culture, Organic Grown Kombucha Tea
Brew your own kombucha tea with a deluxe starter kit.
Russian Rose Kombucha Starter, Organic Grown, Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Strain From Russia Made with Beets, Rose Hips & Elderberries !
 Real Water Kefir Grains - Kefir de Acqua, Organic Grown Kefir
Get your pro-biotics without
the dairy, 100% Vegan!
Hawaiian Kefir Grains - Hua'Ai Wai, Organic Grown, Water Kefir
Traditionally the Hawaiian grains are cultured on raw fruits that grow on the islands.
Regular Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $15.95
Coconut Water Kefir - Kepe Niyog Juice, Organic Grown from the Philippines
Coconut water kefir is made from the raw coconut water (called 'niyog tubig') of young coconuts from the Philippines
Regular Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $15.95
Tibicos or Tibi - South American Water Kefir
South American tibicos kefir made with raw piloncillo sugar
Grape Water Kefir Grains - Kefir D'uva Crystals - Organic Grown
Rare water kefir strain from the EU grown w/ grape juice only.
Tempeh Spore Starter Pack - PTS - 15 gr - Make Tempeh
A vegan replacement for meat in many recipes, our favorite...the grilled tempeh Reuben!
$7.95, 2/$14.25
Tempeh Ragi Starter Spores - 500gr - Commercial Tempeh Spores
Buy Bulk Tempeh or Tempeh Spores Here and Start Making Fresh Tempeh or TPS.
$59.95, 2/$108.00
Natto Kin Spore Starter,  3 gr Packet, Traditional Japanese Natto, Makes 30 kg!
Make traditional Japanese natto-kin fresh at home!

3g makes 30kg
Regular Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $34.95
Goat Milk Dairy Kefir, RAW, Real Kefir Grains Live Starter
Make kefired dairy products with our new RAW goat milk grains
Real Kefir Grains Live Starter, Organic Grown Dairy Kefir
More fresh beneficial pro-biotic counts vs. commercial yogurt or expensive pro-biotics in capsule form.
Regular Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Buttermilk Culture Starter - Organic Grown
Make Fresh Real Buttermilk Right at Home!
Kefir Yogurt Tanekin Japanese Strain Starter - Organic Grown
Fresh yogurt culture can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt!
Amasi Heirloom Yogurt Starter - Organic Grown
Amasi Heirloom Yogurt Starter from Africa
LangFil Yogurt Strain Starter Culture - Organic Grown
Fresh LangFil yogurt culture to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt!
Matsoni/Caspain Sea Yogurt Starter Culture, Organic Grown
Matsoni/Caspain yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely!
Piima Yogurt <br>Starter Culture - <br>Organic Grown
Fresh yogurt culture can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt!
Viili Dairy/Soy Culture Starter, Organic Grown
A cultured milk product, from Finland, with a very ropey texture.
Fil Mjolk Dairy/Soy Starter Culture - Organic Grown
Fil Mjölk is a cultured milk drink, from Sweden, that has a clean and mild flavor, similar to cultured buttermilk.
Tapé Telor (Peuyeum)- Fermented Rice Cake Culture - Tapai - 20gr
Tapai, a great replacement to sugar fresh from Indonesia
Oncom Spore Starter, Black, 20 g, Like Tempeh
Oncom is one of the traditional staple foods of Indonesia
Tape Ketan Hitam Starter (Black Glutinous Rice Tape Starter), 20 gr
Tape Ketan Hitam is a fermented sticky glutinous black rice prepared in Indonesia from Ragi Spores.
Tape Ketan Starter (Fermened Glutenous Rice), 20gr
Tape Ketan is a fermented sticky [glutinous] rice prepared in Indonesia.
Light Tane-Koji Spore Starter "EM" 40g for making 200kg kome-koji
40g of koji-kin spores for making 200kg kome-koji. Best Deal !
Koji-kin Spores for Japanese Amazake, Sake, Miso - Koji-kin - 15g
Koji is the base for Japanese cultured foods

Premixed & Ready For Use!
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g spores for making 15kg Kome-Koji Rice
Koji-Kin Spores for Making Japanese Kome-Koji Rice
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Mugi Miso
Koji Spores for Barley Mugi Miso, Nattoh Miso and Hishio condiments
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores for 15kg RED Mame Koji
New! Koji Spores for RED Mame Miso - Soybean Miso
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake Koji
Koji Spores Best for
Finish is a Milder Taste
Rice Wine Starter 20 Gr - Wine Starter Yeast
Tape Rice Wine Yeast Starter with Original Taste of Rice Wine
Makgeolli - Korean Traditional Rice Wine - 200g (Makes 1L)
Makgeolli Kit has everything you need to make traditional Korean rice wine
Kuro Koji, Black Koji Kin Spores, 70g for 200kg Kome-Koji Rice
Black Koji Spores for Awamori (泡盛) is an alcoholic beverage indigenous to Okinawa, Japan
Regular Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $74.95
Kombucha Mushroom Brewing Kit, Complete Raw Kombucha
Start making kombucha tea beverage in special priced complete kit!
S&H Included.
Rice Wine Starter 20 Gr - Wine Starter Yeast
Tape Rice Wine Yeast Starter with Original Taste of Rice Wine